Monday, November 16, 2015

Altyd Water - Rawsonville

Last month we decided to try somewhere new to us and decided on Altyd Water (It translates as "Always Water) on a farm near Rawsonville just behind the Du Toit's Kloof Winery. There was not too much information available on the internet other than their Facebook page but it did look very nice. We booked our usual midweek 4 nights from a Monday to Friday. It was only just over an hours drive from us so we arrived there a bit earlier than expected but this was not a problem as we had the place to ourselves, other than one other overnight visitor who arrived late on Monday and left early on Tuesday morning.

The campsite is unusual in that there are no marked out sites. There are several electricity boxes spaced out around the campsite and you just choose where to camp wherever you like. The campsite is on the banks of the Smalblaar river, which although not very deep, has crystal clear water and is great for swimming in a few of the deeper pools. There is a cenetral Lapa/Entertainment area with shade cover, benches and basins with taps, so we pitched near this.
The whole site has several trees for shade a lush and green grass in a very beautiful setting.

Here are a few photo's

Crytal clear water

 View from the campsite towards Worcester.

Views around the camsite and farm.

 Looking back at the campsite from downstream.

The ablutions are in one block behind the campsite and get 5 stars.
On the left side there are 2 showers and 2 toilets with wash basins. On the right hand side there are 2 bathrooms with a shower, toilet and wash basin in each. In the centre there is a washing up area.

We had very nice weather except for the Wednesday, when it was cloudy and it rained quite heavily in the evening. However on Thursday morning it cleared up again nicely.

We went into Rawsonville one day to buy a few essentials that we had forgotten to pack. Not a great experience. There are only a few very run down and small supermarkets/cafes there. It is best to take everything with you unless you are prepared to drive all the way to Worcester.

I spoke to the farmer and he advised that if you have a group they will allocate the whole site to you for a weekend if you have 20+ people in your group. Otherwise they do not allow more than 40 people per weekend.

Definitely going back here one day.

New update..... We have returned for another visit in April 2016 and I made a video with a camera drone. I have uploaded it to the log and it shows as a new post.


  1. Thanks for the info Alex, are they pet friendly at all? I see the Naturists Society (they do it in the nude) like this place too. Any sign of them whilst you were there?

  2. Hi, Funnily enough we have just returned yesterday from another 4 days there. I do not know about pet friendly but there are a few fairly large farm dogs that visit the campsite from time to time, so it may be a problem.

    We had the place to ourselves again, so no naturists to be seen. I see on their facebook page that they have booked the place out at the end of this month.

    I made a video of the campsite while we were there with a camera drone and will add it to this blog when I figure out how.

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