Sunday, February 5, 2017

Klipkrans Re-visited.

Last weekend we went back to Klipkrans, near Worcester for a weekend with the Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club. We decided to go a day early as it was forecast for possible rain on the Friday and I preferred not to have to set up in the wet.

Thursday evening was a lovely balmy night and we were joined by David, the chairman of the Trekkers Laarger 8 and we sat socialising until quite late, However at 3.00am on Friday morning we awoke to pelting rain and very strong winds outside. At 7.00am it was still raining and the electricity went off. By 8.00am it had stopped raining and we ventured outside. We had erected our Tentco dining shelter and fortunately it was still standing and bone dry inside. Anyway the electricity turned out to be an Eskom problem and it was restored by late morning. The weather cleared up and the rest of the Trekkers started arriving and setting up. After the previous nights rain and storm, we retired early.

Saturday dawned a beautiful day. I had taken my DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone along as well as a few smaller toy grade drones. The kids in the group had great fun with the smaller drones and I, assisted by a few of the adults, also had fun with my Phantom.

Here is some footage. 

On Saturday evening a bit of a cool breeze came up, so we again retired fairly early. Sunday morning dawned with another beautiful day and the kids went for a paddle in the river, as can be seen in a bit more footage in the video.

By lunch time, a fairly blustery wind had come up from the North West, signaling a bit more rain possible and we packed up after lunch and wound our way home.

Here are a few photo's from the weekend.


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