Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Millers Point Caravan Park.

We have always wanted to go to Millers Point Caravan Park, near Simonstown as it must be one of the most spectacular settings of any campsite anywhere. We belong to the Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club, who go and camp monthly and Millers Point is one of their regular venues. However, on every previous camp that they have been there we have either had another commitment or the weather forecast was not good for camping. Anyway when they announced a while ago that October's camp would be there, we decided to take a chance on the weather and go for it.

We arrived on the Friday before lunch with a fresh North Westerly wind blowing and set up camp along with another few early arrivals. Our club had booked the whole of the centre section of the campsite. It is not a very large campsite, there being only 14 sites in total.

The campsite is run by the Cape Town Municipality and although the ablution facilities are somewhat dated, they are spotlessly clean and well maintained. Cape Town is in the middle of a severe drought and they have removed most of the taps from the basins in the ablutions and scullery area to cut down on water wastage. Another possible problem there are the local baboon troops that sometimes visit the campsite to steal food. We did not have this problem but it does occur from time to time, so be prepared at all times. Do not leave any foodstuffs lying around.

Saturday dawned a beautiful day and we enjoyed watching the many fishing boats launching and then coming in with their catches as the slipway in front of the campsite. 

Here are a couple of photo's I took from the air with my drone.

On Sunday we were greeted by a fresh South Easterly wind in the morning. This is the usual direction of the wind in summer in the area and can be very strong and unpleasant. However we were fairly sheltered where we had set up camp so it was not too much of a problem. However we decided to pack up and left just before lunch time.

It is a really lovely setting and we will definitely be back. here is a video that I made  of the weekend.


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