Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ganzekraal - Near to home.

With the rising costs of petrol there days I have been looking for quick weekend getaway's that are close to home.

A few months ago, Colleen and I took a drive down to Ganzekraal one Sunday morning to go and check it out. The friendly security guard at the gate let us in when we said we wanted to go and look at the campsite. They have a lot of self catering cottages and a conference centre/event venue there as well but the 2 campsites are quite far away from these. They consist of Campsite A and Campsite B, about 300 meteres apart. We looked at both and decided we liked site A more as there were more sites with good sea view's.

The ablutions blocks are quite old and the showers quite small but had recently been re-tiled and were spotlessly clean. We found that they do have cleaning staff on both Saturday and Sunday mornings and as a result, they are acceptable.

We have now been there twice and will definitely be going again. The first time we chose a site on the upper level of Campsite A with a lovely view and the second time we camped on the lower level right on the seafront.

The only negative thing I can think of is that being a municipal campsite there is the possibility of noisy neighbours. The first time was fine. The neighbours played a bit of music but not too loud and not too long into the night. The second occasion there was a young group who started with heavy bass (Doef doef!) music out of one of their cars but I went and politely asked them to turn it off, which they promptly did, after apologising.

Another problem could be the Souther Easterly wind in the summer months as there is not much protection from this. One needs to just look at the long range weather forecast before booking.

You are most welcome to contact me by commenting below and I can give you their contact details and a list of the nicer site numbers. They will book a specific site for you.

Ganzekraal Sunset.

CampsiteA upper level

Campsite A lower level


  1. Good day, we are looking at camping at Ganzekraal from the 12th of March 2016 for approx 12 days. I have read a lot of forums, and what is of most concern to me is the security aspect. As this is out of season, do they have security guards, guarding the caravan sites, and would you regard this as a safe park to camp.

    1. Hi. They only seem to have security at the gate. We did have a mini Weber braai stolen there one weekend when the place was busy. I do have a friend who camps there quite often during the week and he has had no problems. It is like anything these days. Just the luck of the draw. I even read of food and wine being stolen at Altyd Water over last December, the last campsite on Earth that I would of thought this possible. Ganzekraal is quite far from any informal settlement, so I would say you would probably be safe.However, still do not leave anything of value lying around at night.