Friday, May 24, 2013

New Adventures - Leentjiesklip Weekend

Now that we had made this investment in the Skipper Trailer Tent, I decided that we need to use it at least once a month to justify buying it. A lot of people buy caravans that stand around in their driveways forever and only get used once or twice a year.

I did a lot of research on local nearby campsites and various camping and caravanning forums to find suitable nearby weekend getaways.

A few weeks after getting the Skipper, I decided to give Leentjiesklip at Langebaan a try. We set off at about 4.00pm on a Friday afternoon and by 5.15pm we were booked into the campsite which is situated on Langebaan Lagoon. It still took us a while to set the tent up as this was only the second time we had done so. As soon as I had unpacked the tent I realised that I had left the key to the nose cone storage section of the van at home, which housed the wall sections of the tent.

Anyway this is what it looks like without the side and front walls.

The weekend was lovely apart from a bit of rain on Saturday morning. Fortunately I had erected the van with the front of it facing the weather and it stayed nice and dry under the awning.

We will definitely be back here again. The views of the lagoon from the campsite were outstanding. 

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