Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our annual holiday 2013

My wife, Colleen, still has a normal job and is about 3 years away from retirement. This means that she gets 3 weeks annual leave a year and therefore we can only plan longer getaways during this period.

In the part of the country where we live, the early summer months often experience very strong winds, making camping a bit unpleasant, but by March/April the wind tends to die down. This is then our prime time to go on a trip but usually try to avoid the Easter and school holidays.

This year the month of March ticked all the above boxes and we hitched up the Skipper and set off on a 6 day trip.

Our first destination was Storms River Rest Camp, part of the Tsitsikama National Park. We have camped there several times in the past. We booked to stay there for 4 nights and asked for a specific site that we had checked out on our last visit.

Skipper Navigator
 It was site No 43, with a wonderful uninterupted sea view and nice nearby ablution facilities. Here are a few more images.

Tsitsikama Sunset


Storms River View

Skipper Tent Trailer
After 4 wonderful days there, we packed up and set off for a couple of nights at Jongensfontein, on the way home.

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